Top Dressing

Top dressing is the process of adding a thin layer of earth material over the surface of your lawn. A variety of materials can be used in top dressing including sand, soil, clay and compost. Adding materials in very thin layers over the surface of your lawn makes it possible to gradually change the soil without disturbing the actively growing turf.


Sandy soil can benefit from a little clay, while compact soil can benefit from a litte sand and any lawn can benefit from some composted matter. Family Tree Gardening will assess your soil condition to choose the best type of ammendment for your situation.

Over Seeding

Overseeding is the process of spreading grass seed directly onto existing turf. Kootenay weather can be tough on lawns so you should help your turf become lush and thick by overseeding. It is a way to fill in bare spots and improve the density of your turf. It is a technique best practiced in the Spring and Fall. 


Overseeding lawns as part of your Spring start-up has been around for years, yet it is still new to many homeowners. Adding this service to your Spring de-thatching or arerating will give your lawn the needed boost to keep it lush and full right from the start!


Top Dressing and Overseeding


    Family tree Gardening is pleased to offer Top Dressing and Overseeding!