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Scheduled Mowing

The primary purpose of lawn mowing is to improve its appearance. Proper mowing technique, the right equip­ment, frequency and height will improve the quality your lawn. 


Sheduled weekly mowing is our reccomended option. It keeps the grass at an even height. This allows your entire lawn to have a fair chance at recieving sunlight, and will disperse water evenly. 


**We also offer Bi-weekly cutting.

If you are going on vacation or company is coming into town, you may not have time to spruce up the yard. Rest assured, we've got you covered.


We always welcome a call in advance to come give you an estimate. That way, when the time comes, we are more then ready to head over and get to work. 


Weed Whacking Service

We have a few customers that just like to sit back and ride their lawn mower. A quick phone call and we will come by and get your trimming done before you mow! 



**We are also avalible for brush and field / bank clearing!



On-Call Mowing

Lawn Mowing Services


          Family Tree Gardening is here to keep your lawn nice and tidy. We are avalible for weekly mowing and on call emergency cuts.........

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