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Landscape Installation Services


Family Tree Gardening offers a wide variety of landscape services!

Sod Installation

Whether you're starting from scratch or you're tired of the   inconsistencies in your lawn, sod is the quickest, most impactful way to bring your yard to life. 


After seeding an entire lawn it may take weeks to establish and can be painstaking to nurture. Seeds can take 2-3 weeks to germinate and will not work in the wrong conditions. If the moisture level is not right, the seedlings will die and go to waste.


Sod will gift you with an instant weed-free lawn. It establishes quickly, it requires less water, and you are able to sod anytime during the growing season.

Garden Installation 

Large or small, gardens have the ability to bring your property together. A small unused corner or a big empty front yard can be brought to life with a few plants and a little creativity.


From rock gardens to vegatable gardens, and every garden in between, we install to suit your needs. 


Plant selection is key. "Right plant, right place" is the statement we do buisiness by. We have a wide variety of trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials to choose from, selecting only the best for your specific needs. 




Property restoration

As a result of weather damage, animal damage or previous owners' neglect, properties may require a little to a lot of TLC to bring them up to spec. Luckily, we are experienced with all types of property restoration.


Every restoration has specific requirements and needs. Whatever the case, we are fully equipped and prepared to restore even the most damaged of properties.

Tree and Shrub Planting 

Family Tree Gardening provides planting services for any trees orderd from us or a tree you have purchased yourself. We have a wide selection of Conifers, Ornamentals, Shrubs and Hedges to choose from.


We offer full service planting which includes: delivering the tree/shrub, digging the hole and planting the tree with appropriate soils/fertilizers/ammendments. 

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