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Irrigation Services


At Family Tree Gardening proudly offers irrigation maintenance and repair services....

Spring Start-up/Winterization

Every irrigation system requires some level of servicing to maintain efficiency. Sprinkler heads and valves, irrigation system controllers and pipes all need to be adjusted and tended to on a regular basis.


Spring start-up service:

  • Slowly turning on your water

  • Checking all zones through the controller to ensure proper operation

  • Checking for any damaged sprinkler heads or leaky lines 

  • Adjusting all sprinkler heads for proper coverage

  • Setting your controller.


Winterization service: 

  • Shutting off your water

  • Blowing out your irrigation system zone by zone*


*This ensures that there is no water left in any of your irrigation lines. As any bit of water left can expand and lead to cracks in the line. 



Irrigation Repair

Pop-up heads break, valves and filters get clogged, rotors catch and controllers sometimes burn out. A single issue with your irrigation system leads to an inefficient watering system. We are able to assess and fix any of your irrigation problems.


We offer premium emergency call-out services, quoting and repairing your broken irrigation system within 48 hours. Small repairs may be completed within 24 hours.  

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