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Fertilizing and Weed Treatment


Family Tree Gardening offers a wide variety of weed treatment options to suit your needs!


Grasses grow best with an even supply of Nitrogen and other nutrients during their seasons of active growth. If you space your applications too far apart, your grass will grow fine for a while then it slows down and will speed up again with the next application.


We select the highest quality fertilizers and use blends that are specific for types of grasses and Kootenay seasons. 


At Family Tree Gardening, we offer yearly fertilizer programs to keep your lawn lush and green year round. We have programs to suit everyone's needs. Call today for a free consultation!

****Organic options Available 

Please Note*** We have updated our fertilizer programs, removing herbicide use. For more information give us a shout!

We Also Offer

  • Moss Control/Removal 

  • Ph Balance - Lime/Sulphur Applications 

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