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 Aerating has many benefits

  • Improves air exchange between the soil and the atmosphere

  • Improves water intake

  • Improves fertilizer absorbtion

  • Creates stronger turfgrass roots 

  • Reduces soil compaction

  • Increases heat and drought stress tolerance


Aerating is an annual procedure and is best done in the Spring and Fall. With most lawns, one areation will do the trick. For high traffic lawns, we reccomend a second aeration to reduce compaction.

Thatch is the accumulation of dead grass in the lower layer of turf. The right amount of thatch is beneficial to lawns, but once it exceeds a certian amount, it can become a problem. When that happens, some of the thatch needs to be removed. Power raking pulls thatch up to the surface where it's gathered and disposed of.

We like to pair this service with our aerating. To us, it's comparable to peanut butter and jam.The holes left by aeration allow for air to circulate into the thatch speeding up the decay process and helping keep the thatch build-up under control.

De-Thatching(Power Raking)

Aerating and De-Thatching


 Family Tree Gardening is pleased to offer Aerating and De-Thatching!

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